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boat loans

Trawlerfest, Baltimore, MD
Sept. 25-27

lido boat show
Lido Yacht Expo
Sept. 18-21

annapolis boat show

Annapolis Power Oct. 16-19
Annapolis Sail Oct. 9-13

fort lauderdale boat show
Fort Lauderdale
Oct. 30-Nov. 3

St. Petersburg
December 4 – 7


boat loans


The professionals at Sterling Acceptance Corporation bring you decades of boating experience and industry knowledge. We know boat loans. When you sit down with us to discuss your boat loan, you are talking with financial experts who are boaters like you. We understand the importance of this purchase. After all, you are not just buying a boat, but making a lifestyle decision. Trust your boat financing to Sterling Acceptance Corporation.

Sterling provides financing for private purchase, dealer/broker purchase, new and used purchase, and refinance. We offer boat loans at competitive rates, Coast Guard documentation and yacht insurance quotes. Only Sterling offers years of banking credentials, boat loan industry knowledge and boating experience.



Talk with the bankers who know
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boat loans